Connected Capital
HK Web3 - A Rising Tide
Connected Capital presents a cutting-edge, boutique series of investment conferences and events designed to foster collaboration and innovation.

With a focus on emerging managers, cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and applications, we are crafting a curated network of investors, founders, experts, and tastemakers to provide you with exclusive insights, experiences, and investment opportunities.

We are excited to launch "HK Web3 — A Rising Tide" on June 1, in partnership with Google and InvestHK. Our adherence to the Chatham House Rule ensures a safe environment for industry participants to share candid insights and lessons learned.

This exclusive event, limited to 100 invited guests, will celebrate Hong Kong's new crypto legislation, set to be announced on June 1. We will delve into Hong Kong's evolving virtual assets landscape and the crypto investment paradigm, identifying the most significant opportunities and challenges we face.

Following the conference, attendees are invited to explore the area's premier cocktail bars and lounges.

Connected Capital's inaugural event is just the beginning, with an eventful autumn season featuring conferences across Asia, including Bali, Tokyo, and a return to Hong Kong in October for HK FinTech Week!

To register for Connected Capital and be considered for our Hong Kong launch and upcoming Asia conference series, please email us here: